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Morocco Dog Show 2012, what an adventure!

el 2012/11/27 13:02:19 (2002 Lecturas)
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First November weekend we went to Rabat Dog Show, with great results, doing five new champion titles

* Bigorra del morruo, SWD, Cac, cacib, BOB, New Moroccan Champion

* multi Ch. Ordesa de Fraguel´s, SWD, Cac, cacib, BOS, New Moroccan Champion

* Santonja Moonraker, PWD, Cac, cacib, BOB, group3, New Moroccan Champion

* Alphertaz Quilla Que, Daschund K/W, Cac, cacib, BOB, group1º, New Moroccan Champion

* Multi Ch. Yrria von Hunnoterra, Dobermann, Cac, cacib, BOB, group2, New Moroccan Champion

after a very long trip we are safe at home!!
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