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el 2012/12/3 14:44:55 (1473 Lecturas)
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Curriqui finished his spanish title, after his monografica, castuera, jerez and talavera shows wins, in a record time!
el 2012/12/3 14:29:50 (2485 Lecturas)
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el 2012/11/27 13:30:41 (1419 Lecturas)
So happy about our Spanish water Dogs! Yesterday at Amsterdam winner show Benalmadena de Fraguel`s junBOB & Amsterdam juniorwinner-12.

Zufre de Fraguel`s started yesterday his show career with Kamile Samaletdin, was really great start! BOB, Amsterdam Winner-12, CACIB, CAC! He was also short-listed in groups :)

Congrats to Turco´s superdaughter Santonja Billion Dollar Babe BOS, CACIB, CAC, Amsterdam Winner-12 and NL & FI & DK CH! and to her breeder Kamile!

Congrats !

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el 2012/11/27 13:13:27 (1446 Lecturas)
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On Nov17-18 we had our city Nat & Intnl dog shows. Chispa, Lola de Fraguel´s, winning Spanish Breeds BIS 2 at Jerez International Dog Show.

Curriqui, Fundador de Fraguel´s, another RBA owned by our friend Cristobal Carnero was BOB previous day at nat´l and Cac both days!

Leila did it well too, winning group3

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el 2012/11/27 13:02:19 (2037 Lecturas)
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First November weekend we went to Rabat Dog Show, with great results, doing five new champion titles

* Bigorra del morruo, SWD, Cac, cacib, BOB, New Moroccan Champion

* multi Ch. Ordesa de Fraguel´s, SWD, Cac, cacib, BOS, New Moroccan Champion

* Santonja Moonraker, PWD, Cac, cacib, BOB, group3, New Moroccan Champion

* Alphertaz Quilla Que, Daschund K/W, Cac, cacib, BOB, group1º, New Moroccan Champion

* Multi Ch. Yrria von Hunnoterra, Dobermann, Cac, cacib, BOB, group2, New Moroccan Champion

after a very long trip we are safe at home!!