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on 2009/10/26 10:29:24 (1240 reads)
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la semana que viene tendra 3 meses
on 2009/10/11 20:00:00 (1552 reads)
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This weekend, at Bratislava WDS, on the road again with Janda de Fraguel´s "Lua". She got RCACIB- Vice World Champion, under Rui Oliveira judging. I hoped a bit more with her but...shows.

on 2009/10/5 12:41:20 (1144 reads)
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This weekend, at Madrid National Show, our ratoneros Sandeman de Fraguel´s "Mel" , (own. Miguel Castejon), got CAC-BOS & Uva Olaz de Fraguel´s, (own. Juan Rienda), got best junior- BOB, under Maite Gonzalbo judging.

on 2009/9/22 16:56:07 (1130 reads)
This weekend, our RBA,"Mel" Sandeman de Fraguel´s & "Emi" Ribera de Fraguel´s, have finished their Gibraltar Championship titles, winning their GCC´s , with Mel doing BOB both days, unde Nigel Zorab and Luis Gorjao judging.
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Our spanish water dog Janda de Fraguel´s got RCAC-RCACIB both days.
on 2009/9/19 18:00:00 (1206 reads)
Our whippets did well in Gibraltar this weekend. Under Ritva Raiva judging, Ch. Fraguel´s Guonderfuul Guy "Oliver" got GCC-CACIB & his mother Ch. Fraguel´s Exsighting Girl "Blanca" got GCC-CACIB-BOB & GROUP3, finishing both their Gibraltar championship titles and their International Titles too.
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